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Therapeutic Applications

The Vital Psyche


We develop, promote and teach technologies of consciousness and living practices that are designed to unlock human potential and raise the student's awareness of their consciousness. We do this so that humans can actualize profound changes in their personal lives which then reflect in the larger eco-systems within which we all operate.

Our purpose is to support our students to develop their strength, stamina and capacity to generate environments in which they live aligned, resonant, and in unity with their highest possibilities.

The organizing principles that we stand in are:


SSC – Developing our Strength, Stamina, Capacity

CCC – Creating life activities so that they are Coherent, Cohesive, Congruent

IIS – Making sure all elements of our lives are Interactive, Interrelated, Symbiotic

G.O.D. - Being in direct link with our Generating Organizing Design

L.O.V.E. – Base vibration of our lives - Life Opening up to the Victory of the Eternal


A world built on the following relationships:


What connects us to life and has us exist as whole

So Above – So below

With Others in the field

Each human is a unique and essential aspect of creation.

Everything is part of everything else

Everything operates on behalf of everything else

Everything is interactive, interrelated, and interdependent/symbiotic, and it with you

You are part of everything and everything is part of you

You operate on behalf of everything and everything operates on behalf of you.

Our Values

Our values are empathy, harmony and unity. We apply these values in everything we do, every connection we make, and everything we create.

Meet the Team!

Every member of this team has been integral in the visioning process thru which the Language of Consciousness Institute unfolded.  The roles that they have played are so much more than what is listed above their pictures.  So much more!  Their connection to the larger field of this Institute and the field of Tantra Maat has brought in the new resonance of the field of the Language of Consciousness Institute.

Founder and Director,

Language of Consciousness Institute


Creator of the Language of Creation

& Lead Resource

tantra maat creation institute

Beryl McCandless

Voice, Art & the Creation Exercises

BerylMay2020 3

Liz Geyer

Music & the Creation Exercises

Liz profile picture

Maru Orozco

Mentor in Spanish & English

Maru June 2018 (2)

Deborah Merchant, Phd


Deb Headshot

Victoria McMahon

Movement & the Creation Exercises

Victoria 3