Ether Element Altar, by Victoria McMahon

“You must not ever stop being whimsical. And you must not, ever, give anyone else the responsibility for your life.”

Mary Oliver

The ether element operates on the principle of vibration; so ether pervades all matter.  When we consider ether as the principle of vibration – that includes sound, rhythm, harmony, connection, purification and last but not least creativity.  We express our creative connection with Creation itself in bringing ourselves in resonance as an etheric being, expressing our creative impulses.  It is through expressing these creative impulses that we connect and ultimately fine tune our vibrational energy being.  We build sentient intelligences, develop registers of connection with Creation, sense the vibrational resonance and move with or are moved by the inner rhythms.  

Think of sound and movement like your heartbeat, binaural beats or synchronic Schumann resonance.  Moving into the more- the beyond is being in resonance.  You might observe how breathing and being with the heartbeat moves you beyond the experience of the body into the beyond, the ether element of vibration pervading your matter.  Or you can observe having a conversation with someone and you observe how you sense beyond the matter of words into the harmonics of being in the moment together.  It can occur when you get lost in playing or listening to a piece of music, a landscape in nature or even hearing truth for the first time!

Anodea Judith said, “To be unified within and expanded without is to combine the transcendence of the upper chakras and the immanence of the lower chakras into a single experience.”  Is this simply another way to language what I believe Tantra Maat describes as living in the metapoint of experience?  

What does it mean to enter into resonance?  What does it look like?  What are the how to’s of resonance?  For me it is listening.  Listening for the shape, the pattern, the texture, the sound and the aliveness.  I often believe we think communication is when we start talking.  For me, I am most in resonance, harmony, and aware of moving as an etheric being when I am responding!  This means, we are communicating creatively through Creation when listening leads the way.  Continually creating as we breathe spirit into the world by listening and moving in resonance with the creative impulses arising.  As we deepen our listening to the sounds of Creation within us, our creative expressions return us to our unique and essential design.

There are infinite forms of creative expression from the etheric territory…as the Curiodyssey Triad says, “The Land of Create-Believe”.  Voice, writing, color, dance/movement, playing music, toning, drama, artistic expression/painting, cooking etc.  Nonsense template writing of creation exercises is a beautiful practice to open up the etheric territory of you!  What are you curiously drawn to?

As you create your ether element altar to carry you into the new beginnings of springtime, consider these ideas to open up into your etheric territory of your Land of Create-Believe.  Use the color of turquoise blue to set the background.  Place pictures of those you wish to communicate with more deeply in the now or the beyond of now.  Maybe place items of remembrance to open the communication link.  Consider placing some of your Time territory cards previously made or create new ones to expand your 2021 Time territory.

Place your favorite musical instrument on the altar – bells, bowls, rattles, chimes, drums, flutes, guitars or a picture of that beautiful grand piano!  Maybe a favorite CD of beautiful music that brings the beyond into the cells of your being.  Ah, Andrea Bocelli enters my mind!

And lastly, you can add an elephant to the altar to remind you of the ether element.  In yoga tradition, the elephant head (Ganesha) is used in mediation and chanting to open the etheric territory by removing physical and mental obstacles or distractions.  Be sure to check out the zoom link yoga practice, including a chant to Ganesha, when it is posted on the Curiodyssey webpage through the  It will be available to attendees of the Ether Element session on February 28, 2021.  You can join our Curiodyssey Triad for the Ether Element session by clicking on the link here…


See you in The Land of Create-Believe,