Why Explore the Principles of Unity? by Kea Bardeen

The mental mind, when properly nourished, becomes the ally of focus and capacity for positive change.  Kea Bardeen

When I understand the “why” of things, when I’m convinced that something makes sense, I’m  more likely to stick with my choices and my disciplines.  This is a big advantage when circumstances, other people, and even those little voices inside me, try to pull me off course.  Plus, when I really “get” the essence of how something works, my discernment ramps up and I’m quicker at seeing, “ah yes” this aligns with my vision or “oh no” this takes me farther away.

As Tantra has begun to talk more and more about the principles of unity, I’ve become more and more interested in playing with them for myself.  What is a principle?  Does it hold true through many if not all circumstances?  How do “I” know this?  If I accept this as a principle, what logic does it give me?  If I build with this logic, can I build something solid?  How is this different from the logic of separation?

I am still very much in the exploration process, and limited by my own perceptions and knowledge, but here are what I see now as key principles of unity:

1.  Energy is.  It cannot be created or destroyed.

2.  Matter is densified energy that is continuously deconstructing and constructing, collapsing expanding, etc. (I would add here I believe energy and matter are intelligent in their operation.)

3. Everything in matter is interactive, interrelated and symbiotic.

4. Within this interactive, interrelated and symbiotic structure, every aspect of matter has its own unique and essential purpose.

5. Matter is always moving to the next greater whole.

I am intrigued by how these principles apply to us as humans.  I find they open me up to greater receptivity to notions that might be considered “beyond belief.”  Here is an example of some of my attempts to extend the principles into more personal terrain.  If everything is energy and energy is eternal, then it makes sense that some aspect of me is eternal, whether I call it my soul or spirit or something else.

If matter is densified energy on a continuum of density then, of course, wouldn’t there be various levels of me that exist at various levels of density?  Clearly my thoughts are less dense than my actions and they move at different speeds.  So wouldn’t it be reasonable that I could have other simultaneous existences in more rarified realities beyond my human perception, which is heavily influenced by the dense sense organs?  Wouldn’t it stand to reason that less dense energetic forms, such as nature spirits, fairies and angels could well exist right along side me and I couldn’t see them?

If everything has a unique and essential place in a symbiotic system, then I must too.

And if matter always moves along the expansion/contraction continuum of energy, then wouldn’t I be wise to pursue thought-based and movement-based energetic practices that have the potential for expanding the “energetic me” and reducing the density of my physical form?  Isn’t it possible that energetic means of creating the results I desire in my life, if I build my capacity in that regard, could be quicker and much more effective than a lot of physical action?

And, finally, if everything is always collapsing and expanding but never goes out of existence, then why does death frighten me?  How can I reorient my perception to give me greater calm and a greater desire to build a unity-based environment for myself and others and less desire to “fight against” the operation of the separation based reality I was born into?

I’m sure there are levels of perception that will make these questions seem elementary, but this is where I am now on the continuum and I am finding it fascinating to explore.