Commitment to Create, to Sustain and Maintain, to Embody

by Elektra Porzel

What is commitment to you?  Why is commitment important?  Not much in our culture today encourages our commitment except to holding on to historic beliefs, to addictions, to toxic practices.  On the other side, commitment to the latest diet craze, or to extreme exercise programs is encouraged, well, until the next craze comes on the scene.  Mostly there is very little focus on commitment to self, commitment to creating the life that is what the individual person craves.  We are encouraged to buy a future ‘off the shelf’ that someone else created, that someone else says that we should want.

The creation exercises from the Language of Creation were developed so that you can create a future that is what you want for yourself, for those you love or for humanity, where you can grow your strength, your stamina and your capacity to be whom you came here to be.  Where you can define what different words, concepts and states of being are for YOU.  This sounds so good to me, and I hope that your inner Being is running forward yelling, ‘me, me, me, I want that!”  You can have that AND this is where that word commitment comes in.  Yes, you get the best outcomes if you commit to writing the creation exercises on a regular basis so that you continually are informed by your deepest Self, as well as informing it and Creation ‘where you are’ in the process. Hmmm. 

I hope that you aren’t backing off here.  This is not a forced march, this is just being willing to put in some writing time on a regular basis so that you get what you want.  First, this does not require your historic mental mind to construct this future, because it can’t.  We are talking about a future unique to your Spirit & body.  We are talking about a craved future that you probably are not consciously aware of.

For example, in our Language of Creation course, our classic example of a craving is starting with craving ‘a red convertible’ and it ends up with an embody phrase that ‘wants to have good times with friends’.  It’s that kind of awareness that unfolds as you write your cravings.  It’s the craving behind the craving.  My experience is that the embodied phrase is often what I want most for this lifetime, to BE as I came here to be, to DO as I came to earth to DO, to have what I came on earth to HAVE. It’s not a conscious process and the templates of the Language of Creation were developed to assist us in unpacking our deepest cravings for our unique present and future.

So back to commitment.  I know that I have used the phrase ‘regular writing of the creation exercises’ as the measure of commitment AND this is all yours to define.  How often do you write?  Every day? Every other day?  3x a week?  1x a week?  Where do you write?  In your bedroom?  In your office?  In your dining room? When do you write during the day?  Morning? Afternoon? Evening?  You decide these measures of your commitment and then it is for you to carry out your commitment. 

Oh no, you forgot to write when you committed to write a creation exercise!  Ok, then write an observing and get back to your commitment or create a new commitment plan.  ‘Remembering’ is a gift that gets you back on track to discovering all that you deeply want to BE, DO and HAVE.

We have several supports for you.  First, if you are unsure if you are writing the Creation Exercises correctly, we have coaches who can give you a free 30 session to answer your questions.  To request a coach, go to

  We have several Instructional videos and Guidebooks.

We offer our 90 Day Creation Projects that provide you a timeframe within which to commit and that place you in the field with others.  Our mutual focus on writing the creation exercises ends up building a supportive network around each other so that we all are in a stronger field of manifestation.  We have a Facebook page, Generating Realities, where we share our creation exercises.  Each of us can use this page to read others’ exercises, to get ideas for what we ourselves might write as a craving exercise, to ask questions, and/or share what we are experiencing as our perspectives of who and what we are shifts.

We strongly recommend that you join the 90 Day Creation Project.  Within the field of the 90 Day Creation Project, you can grow your capacity for commitment to being whom you came here to be.  You can grow your strength to handle these turbulent times and experience being more balanced.  You can increase your stamina over time in both your commitment capabilities and in your capacity to move out of the old historic you and into the craved Self.

We have a new 90 Day Creation Project starting on March 20th, 2019 – the Spring Equinox.  To register, go to

Upon registration, you will receive several follow-up emails and then two newsletters a month with blogs.  Most of all, you will build your commitment to what you crave to BE, not the latest craze, but whom you want to be.  Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it!  Register today to start writing on March 20th as part of the Spring 2019 90 Day Creation Project. Email us with any questions that you have. We can be reached at