Paying Attention to What is Rising

By Elektra Porzel

Let’s take a look at what has occurred in the field of Tantra Maat, in the field of the Spirals of Being and in each of our fields over this summer 2019. There is an intensity now in our shared field that many recognize and do not know how to name it. Some call it tension, some call it anxiety, some call it a sense of expansion and wonder, and some call it an unknown place that they have no language for.
What has occurred has impacted all of us. You may be a direct participant in one of the activities, or were linked to one of the direct participants or were a member of the Spirals of Being. In any case, our sensitivity, our sensation and our imagination has shifted and now holds a deeper awareness than we can sometimes not even acknowledge.
What did happen that has expanded and deepened our field so much?
First there was a trip to Gargano where, over 40 years ago, Falco and the Damanhurians held viaggios to work with time. 14 spiral members participated. There we connected with spirals on the plateau, special caves of meditation, the beings of the oceans that came to play with us, local sacred sites and a sacred forest. Those 14 souls were connected to members of the Spirals. The openings the 14 experienced directly impacted the others that they were linked to. Waves of energy entered our fields and we directly experienced the shifts as the new realities started to move out our old ideas of reality. In my field, I experienced propriception issues that didn’t not cease until my Initiation into the School of Meditation the following week. So I alternated a full spectrum of emotion from agitation and irritation to joy and excitement.
Then 12 of our Spiral members went on to Damanhur and participated in an intense deepening into the sacred mysteries of Damanhur that culminated in our initiation into the School of Meditation of Damanhur. It was a profound experience to step into that energetic field. Tears ran down our faces as we each experienced this large field of support that awaited us. Tears of gratitude and tears of opening to this support. In addition to those individuals receiving that gift, the field of Tantra Maat was also brought into the temple as part of the Damanhur. So even if you did not participate or were not individually linked to someone on this trip, you were and are part of a field that moved into a sacred supportive field. This touched us all more profoundly than we recognize. Initially I experienced physically being both my unique and essential self AND an integrated part of the larger fields of the Spirals and of Damanhur. There were sensations in my body and also in my sense of what my field included and what I was included within. 

Then the calls for June, July and now August. Listen to them, again and again. The course, Timeless Time, took us to a new etheric space where our dreams can be expanded and protected. Buy it and listen to it, again and again.  We can call this process of mixing together new experiences that have resulted from all these events ‘making stone soup’. We as individuals and as a group are in a new landscape creating the futures that we craved. Let’s share how we each are making our ‘stone soup’.
The Advocates will lead the Tools to Thrive in August 2019 sharing their experiences of the new realities arising in their lives, and how their experience of resonance, of sensation, sensitivity and imagination are helping them sustain and maintain the larger landscapes that they now access as they move to their next greater whole.