We Aren’t in Kansas Anymore

We have moved into a new energetic field now. As Tantra says, we aren’t in Kansas anymore. I am noticing this need to take action and assess process that seems to be operative now. No more just listening or just waiting. It’s a listen and an action; then a listen and an action. With those of us that have been involved in the Institute, this do and listen model is intertwined with a daily presencing of the divine nature of the field that we are engaging with. It’s totally different that we have experienced before. I have altars that remind me daily of this sacred field that I am feeding with my actions and my listening and my being present to its sacred divine nature. I couldn’t have told you before that this is what would occur and it feels just right. Join me in the doing and the listening and the presencing to Creation, to the structures of higher energies that are now anchoring into earth with our assistance.