Messages From a Nature Mandala, by Liz Geyer

Have you ever put something off that was pleasurable, but something just kept you from actually diving into the activity of it?  Such was the case of playing with a second nature mandala.  When I actually sat down to be in a creative frame of mind, it literally took me ten minutes to create this nature mandala!  Why had I not done it sooner?  

Actually sitting down to create was so pleasant.  I felt as though another aspect of me sat down in ‘my’ chair…not ‘me’.  I have always loved symmetry as I create.  What goes on one side must go on another…not all art I create is this way, but in creating a mandala, that’s how I like it…balanced!  This one came together so easily!  I will say that as I collected the items on a walk last week, as I picked up each leaf, acorn or stick, I could see a pattern emerge in my mind’s eye.  If you don’t think that way…no problem.  I have practiced many years with making objects out of the clouds in the sky, patterns on tree trunk, rocks on chimneys, huge logs on hikes in the distance…once I swore I saw an Asian Kung Fu master on the trail in front of me, but when I got up close, it was only an intricate tree stump with a branch sticking out of it!  If you don’t see the world this way, it’s okay…we each have our own oddities and ‘ways’!

The coolest thing that happened was that an observing recursion popped up out of the middle of the mandala!  As I was videoing a description of the mandala, a wisp of energetic smoke came up from the acorn cap in the middle, and I could literally ‘feel’ the observing come up from my solar plexus!  It was amazing!  “Observing this beautiful configuration has me be present to nature is sending me messages.  Being present to nature is sending me messages has opened me up into playing with the elements of earth.  Opened up into playing with the elements of earth has me have great joy and satisfaction in creating something new with nature’s elements.”  I was blown away by how quickly the solar plexus had spoken!

I am so looking forward to playing with these items again, and adding the pieces I found a few weeks ago to see what pops up next.  I can’t wait to do this with you!  Go on a walk…pick up rocks or sticks, or even crunched up leaves!  Pick the ‘underdog’ acorns…the ones even the squirrels don’t want!  There are so many this year!  I have never seen so much abundance…see what you can find!  Play!  It’ll do the soul good!

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