The Inter Crucible By Beryl McCandless

        Snowflakes in the air outside my window this morning remind me of the mystical transitioning from Fall into the welcoming of the quietude and deepening into the Winter Solstice. Mother whispers to us, in us, through us to return to Thee/HER for nurturing and restoring our bodies, minds and spirits. It is within this darkness, this stillness and silence we merge with HER, with our G.O.D. matrixes. It is there we can bathe in her hum/pulsing heat, divesting all that no longer serves us/US,
This has come to reveal itself with powerful potency upon returning from Mt. Shasta, having participated in the Mimzy project. There has been the usual internal/external pressures in the body. This now generates intense core heat and cold extremities. The energy peaks and bursts, and erupts at the same speed While the surges move like the tides. My mind has ideas that roll in but are unable to rise into language. Listening to the speak of trees and the wind informs and fills me with joy. The sounds of everyday human conversation at times, is harsh to my systems. There is an absence of emotional reaction associated with this, only curious fascination. 
        A thought, a word, popped in. “Crucible.” An electrical tingle registered in my solar plexus. The Random House unabridged dictionary defines  crucible as related to metalurgy  where substances are heated to high temperatures in a vessel. Another definition is a ‘severe test or trial or extremely challenging experience. 
        The dictionary terms come from a language used in a trauma based system that human beings were born into. This held no resonance for me in the state and connection I am holding. containing and living in now. As I continue to observe my beautifully, inter related meta-ing what rose was an Original alchemy of my cosmic-primal design.
        What if this transfigurative meta-ing is revealing that we are the fire and the crucible of our own awakening? Through this personalized journey within the beautiful darkness of seasons and our own unseen territory we began embrace-ing, rest-ing, absorb-ing, breath-ing and BE-ing with? What if this darkness was a refuge, sanctuary, the ecstatic communing with the Beloved merging with the Lover of the Beloved? 
        What would our inter and outer world manifest as? What would be possible? What would rise to meet us as US, for us by US? The heat is now spreading in my cells, licking my nerve endings, tingling my skin as I feel the Life quickening in the pure crux of my inter crucible and know that this fire has never been extinguished and will continue to burn as I live. It fuels the passions of my heart, my soul, my calling. It radiates for those who feel lost and alone, scared and confused. I now find new meaning in the phrase “keep the home fire burning.” Yes, tending the fire within, honoring the sacred fire within HER and the Holy fire of the spirit and the Cosmic Flame. 
        Let us come together and warm ourSelves by our Fire and be a beacon in the darkness of the auspicious time of year. Join us this Sunday December 6, 2020 to explore the inner fire of your Crucible and see where it takes you/US.