Fire Element Altar, by Victoria McMahon

Today marks the beginning of movement into a month of attention to creating and being in the Fire Element.  As I look outside at the snow covered branches, I am reminded of where this journey began.  I tree!  I root!! And from this deep rooting relationship, I discover more and more how I crave to be the FLOW (Feeling Love Operating Within).  This craving comes from a longing that is held in my original design (G.O.D.).  I operate within the natural flow of comprehension as an element that intentionally interacts with all other elements by design.  I am constituted from the same elements that are seen in the natural world in which all exists…I am a part of everything else!  So, I am feeling ‘intentionality’ from a new and glorious aspect of being.  

Being of the Fire element is how we are in relationship with our will!  Are we in the willingness of our being?  How do we experience our willfulness or will-lessness? In yoga tradition, we call upon the fire element to stoke the ‘amrita’ (sweet nectar) of energy that drips down from the roof palate to the solar plexus, where we access our reservoir for conscious action.  When we are present to the action of taking deep breaths, we activate the pilot light of consciousness in the solar plexus and can radiate this intentionality through the body and beyond into creative and purposeful actions.  We move with conscious action on or off a yoga mat.  In case you didn’t know, the purpose of a yoga mat (also called tapas/discipline) for daily practice is in remembrance of placing ourselves intentionally into the fire element of transformation and transmutation of the collected ama (accrued toxins of bodymind) to awaken the bodymind into conscious action off the mat! So, consider the yoga mat as your crucible or cauldron where you place yourself to creatively explore and open up into that which you exist as a part of and on behalf of.

We can open up into the interrelatedness of us as ‘fire’ element in the creation of our devotional altar for December.  Take a few minutes to breathe and be with the fire in meditation.  What represents your willingness as a being?  Remember, in willingness is surrender!  How do you vision surrendering in the same relationship with warrior spirit?  As a spiritual warrior are you willing to stand your ground, to protect the sacred within, to accept challenges and maintain power in a firm and quiet way?  Remembering, power ‘podere’ means ‘to be able’.  So, this willingness is creating conscious direction in our life and with our energy towards craving what is our to be, have and do.  We harness the flow of energy, which in yoga is the upward/downward flow (prana/apana) of energy that finds expression or creation as the metapoint of our being in the solar plexus!  Do you have a picture, statue or symbol that represents you as a  spiritual warrior being?

For me, balancing my strength, stamina and capacity as a spiritual warrior means that I also will be placing a picture of a lion on my altar.  This reminds me to not take life so seriously!!!  If you want to know how the lion represents the both/and of fierce warrior and whimsical play, you have to come to the Fire Element event this Sunday!!!!…-december-6-2020/  What is the reminder for you to be with the whimsical aspect of you?  Place it on your altar!

Often, I look for humor in the moments I feel authority or aggression is upon me.  This is in the both/and of internal emotional aggression/wanting authority as well as witnessing external displays of what feels like overreach.  I use the movement of the woodchopper to consciously direct the flow of fire energy so I can capture and fuel the flow while not getting burnt!  So, just as you will discover why lions help me not take life so seriously, I will also show you how to experience your own fire flow!!!!

And, what if our pilot light is dim?  What then??  How can we use the gifts of the fire elements upon our altar to guide us back to source abundance???  Fire is about metabolizing.  We literally change food and water into energy and heat.  Just like we might have difficulties in digesting foods can lead to feeling too little energy or deficient, our difficulty in digesting emotions can lead to dullness, fearfulness or apathy. Remember to reflect upon the water element of last month to be with difficult emotions and use the emotional flow breathing meditation to support your ability to be with emotions so that the fire of the solar plexus has the inner power to weaver matter and energy.  I, too, put the Solar Plexus Activation CD that I purchased from Tantra Maat on my altar to support the sustaining and maintaining of fire.

What else might we intentionally place on our fire altars?  Stones like topaz or amber.  Yellow candles to represent the sun or maybe you have a salt lamp or perhaps an old-fashioned oil lamp.  Consider if you have a yellow cloth or a shirt with sun or flames on it.  You could even take your candle and etch a word that reflects the forward moving direction you have for your life as we approach Winter Solstice and plant the seeds of remembrance to bring forward for 2021.  This is the timing of moving towards the darkest night of the year, so we can deeply reflect upon the inner fires (desires) that we want to be.  Consider a cauldron (shell or fire bowl) that can hold your inner fires of longing (pieces of paper that you write cravings upon) for the month, as we move towards Winter Solstice. Then we can welcome a ritual burn, with the new light on Winter Solstice to move us forward into the coming year.