A Washable Brown Paper Bag By Beryl McCandless

    The gift of being curious continues to surprise and engage me at odd moments. While walking into Trader Joe’s last week to pick up a few items for dinner, I let my mind relax and wander as I placed fresh, organic fruits and veggies in my cart. It had been  particularly challenging that day and I was more than ready to let the simple activity of choosing healthy food replace the mysterious intricacies of online schooling with very active, elementary-age students. 
     I had been playing with the idea of going on a ‘hunt’ for an art container to hold supplies for fellow adventurers signing up for the Curiodyssey, “Curiously Exploring the Elements” series. The curiosity explorer would then be on the lookout for a personalized item from home to fill with craft items already on hand. The idea held great appeal for me.
     What would be found? Where would it be discovered? Would it come from a closet, a cupboard, an attic or garage? My sassy, playful, outrageous inner Child was whispering in my ear, ‘What you got, Lovey?’
     The selection I could choose from was embarrassingly long and varied. There were baskets and boxes of various shapes and sizes that could be transformed. Perhaps that bright tie-dye backpack or an old patchwork purse would be more interesting. All were immediately rejected. An old suitcase? Hmm,  that had potential, but..no. 
      I pushed on and came to an end cap at the front of an isle. The shelves held new items featured for the month of September. A small stack of folded brown bags caught my eye. The sign read “Washable brown paper lunch bags, $5.99”.
     Curious and intrigued I made an impulse buy and popped one into my cart and went to check out. I had been meaning to replace my 6 year old insulated lunch pack. It was environmentally friendly. Perfect! 
     I didn’t realize how perfect a simple brown bag could be. During a meditation that night before bed, I was taken on a cosmic-primal journey. Straight out into the cosmos, into the great Void then out and through an eternal light matrix.  I received a gentle reminder of the knowing and sensing, being held ‘within’ that stunning intelligence.  I continued ‘moving’ through the Original creation of the star systems, to the planets, eventually arriving upon this beautiful world into my ‘physical’ form. 
      I was escorted deep within my fields, cells, blood, organs all lit with a pulse of Life. There I became present to the vibrational resonance of ‘I am the perfect container of many containers ‘, protected and cradled within the Primal container of beloved Gaia, Mother Earth. Within Her I felt the Hum of her breath and the pulse of her Heart, and became in sync with ley lines, grid-lines, her nervous system. Everything was lit up, and glowing,  just like in the movie ‘Avatar’. 
      Embodied, we carry the Self.  The Pineal Gland is housed and carried within the physical brain, our heart contains and shares the blood contained in the vessels and capillaries. Our lungs contain oxygen, our digestion contains nourishment to be shared throughout the body. Men carry the seed of Life and women carry Life within…(breasts contain milk for nourishment, the womb contains new life). Fields within fields, within fields, spiraling within and without. We are an extraordinary creation within Creation that communicates, creates and plays with Creation,  responding and creating with us.  Add a spoonful of curiosity, a sprinkle of  imagination, and for me, a washable brown paper bag.   I’m ready for our upcoming play date with the elements.  Aren’t you curious too?

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