Quenching Our Thirst for Life By Liz Geyer

The word ‘quench’ is such an incredible piece of language, isn’t it?  This word has opened up such a beautifully deep exploration into what we thirst for in our life, and I am now being present to discovering how my body and being were compelled to quench this thirst during an amazing hike/journey my partner Steve and I took this past week in Utah.  

We discovered this beautiful canyon while driving up highway 128, with red rock canyons on either side of the road, and the Colorado River on the west side, flowing gently in this particular section.  I was attracted to a particular turn-out, and asked Steve to stop on our way back.  I was already planning in my mind how he could take his camera and take pictures of the canyon, while I could answer my body’s calling to be on a trail.  My body has really been loving hiking on trails of any kind lately, and the body was almost like a precious dog wagging its happy tail, wanting to go for a walk!  This trail would be a win-win for both of us.  Steve isn’t a ‘hiker’, though he has been walking daily in his job.  I thought we would just ‘mosey’ up the trail a ways…say a mile.  I laugh now, because in my thinking about moseying up the trail, I simply took my backpack with my special ‘rock’ tools, thinking I might find some rock formation with which to leave some Shasta opals for anchoring (which did happen at the end of the trail).  Yet I did not take the second backpack with food and water in it.

Off we went, exploring this trail, called Grandview Canyon Trail.  As we continued to hike, my senses began to open up into the wide variety of vegetation, rock formations, colors throughout the canyon, and a beautiful stream that ran through it. What is even more interesting, is that we were both compelled all of a sudden, to just keep going.  Between the gurgling of the stream, and having to traverse it several times and different ways, the colors of the changing leaves on the trees, the meandering up the trail and having to climb, both Steve and I began to be in some sort of magic that was compelling us to continue to hike to “somewhere”.  Later I was present to the Primordial Mother, begging us to see an aspect of Her at the end of the trail. With each step connecting my body through the cells, in with the Earth, listening to the stream’s music, while catching glimpses of the water moving in, through and around rocks and branches, I now observe that the body was being fed and nourished with both the element of earth and the element of water.  And what a visceral, primal, physical experience we were having!  Even though the hike was mostly uphill and hard for our well-used knees to negotiate, still, we were determined to be in the vast beauty of all that was laid before us.  What a feast it was!

When we found the end of the trail, we were greeted by an amazing ‘rock-bowl’, and a naturally occurring arch to the right of this bowl.  In the center lay a small cave, about fifteen feet up the rock, with a natural spring trickling from inside the rock.  I was so fascinated by this spring, and so in love with how it had formed a crack in the rock and was flowing in such a straight line in this crack that the water had carved…just THAT straight line of water fed my soul like nothing else!  What power that water possessed!  The message from the Mother was clear.  Listen and learn.  Observe and learn.  Allow My elements to feed your physical and non-physical body. It was in a larger opening of this spring that I threw the Shasta opals.  The Mother thanked me by gifting me one of Her stones to take to Shasta.  Equity.

Quenching…nourishing…whole system response.  What an incredible day of magic!  What amazing synchronicities occurred for us to have this beautiful flow of existence. What quenches your thirst for life?  The Mother asked us to listen and learn.  I am forever grateful for my cells being nourished by all things water, earth, and connection!