Identity and our Consciousness

Identity is experienced as ‘who I am’ and is defined as our essential character.  However, we know that our identity changes over time.  It changes as we age.  As we experience and live the roles we play in life, the stage of life that we are in, and as how we see ourselves within our religion, our country etc.  Did you know that our identity is often formed by the larger society?  So, for example, the artistic soul can come to devalue their own gifts if born into a physical endurance/excellence society.  Over the last 100 years psychological theories have declared certain conditions being due to someone’s innate weakness not to the trauma they experienced.  Thus, others judged those people, who then judged themselves.  Today, those theories are seen as debunked.  New theories have replaced the old.  Do the new theories help us or hinder us as we seek to identify ‘who we are’?

My essential character is a known and unknown field as far as I am concerned.  I can speak of living my family values; of the truths that I stand on behalf of; of how my actions are in alignment with my words, and of searching for direct alignment with my Being and with Creation/God/Goddess.   I can speak of ‘who I am‘ both concretely and abstractly.  As I grow in my ability to connect to my larger Being, doesn’t my sense of my unique and essential nature, of who I am, change as well?  How do each of us hold these knowings of ‘who we are’ when they are not recognized by our society?  It is my experience that once I deeply grok who I am as my larger Being and as in being in direct alignment with Creation, then it does not matter to me what society thinks about me or judges me.  I act out of who I am. How can we support people as they strive to be the essential character of their Being?  It’s a path that has not been well traveled and many are trying to walk it now.  Let’s share this journey together.

Elektra Porzel and Deborah Merchant are leading a 1.5-hour discussion on this topic on Wed Feb 21, 2018 at 5pmPT.  Deb is completing her PsyD dissertation which emphasizes our shifting consciousness and our identity. Join us by registering at