Knowing That We CAN…Then Going Beyond

By Liz Geyer

Has Spring 2019 sprung yet for you?  In my location of Northern California, it still feels a bit like winter, though the trees are now budding, just slightly.  How amazing it is that this year of many, many years is so different in so many ways…Mother Earth’s climate differences being, but one way.  This winter was about slowing down and really noticing the shifts and changes on the planet and beyond, staying the course, and really settling into my own Being, and my own new ways of Being, as well as discovering what ‘my’ ways of being are, and looking at how writing the Creation Exercises throughout the 90 Day Winter practice allowed me to observe the “More” of everything.

I have been working with a group in the Spirals of Being called the Warriors, in a rigorous practice of writing a template, the three-point metapoint template, then unpacking it further to observe how it shifted and changed the landscape of humanity’s being, my own being, and those around me.  This writing practice has really helped me hone my camera lens, and to shift my inner landscapes.  The deepest observations were those that helped me see that I was going beyond what I knew in this lifetime, and that I COULD go beyond.  What does going beyond mean?

Well…hmmm…I am present to craving what events are for me, and then seeing the miracles of having them not only manifest for myself, but the landscapes around me shifting as well…through my own craving…without others’ knowing.  I have seen a shift in my landscapes at work, through my craving what teaching from the heart is for me.  Through my own practice of going beyond with my students, honing my craft with my new principal, the energy of the workplace has shifted.  People are smiling, and slowing down with our kids…beginning to see how important it is to allow our kids to be ‘kids’. 

Another piece of evidence for going beyond in my world, has been through the landscape of healing work.  Through writing the Creation exercises, the environment around me is electric with human beings and animals not only healing, but going beyond to become vibrant and full of a love for life.

What else is going beyond, you ask?  Just the simple joy of connecting with my brothers and sisters in my community, and feeling the depth of love for each other’s discoveries, actions, and celebrations of life.  Beyond is being able to witness fathers and daughters at a dance together, the men taking the time to dress in their best suits, hold their daughter’s hands, and be completely present for them, and reveling in the preciousness of life.  Beyond is observing my 18 year old daughter’s innocence and the juxtaposition of her wisdom in everyday action, and feel so blessed in the knowing that innocence is a gift.

As you are writing the exercises, what are you present to that is going beyond what you have known or experienced lately?  Is it that one quiet moment you had today, where everything came together on your behalf?  That is going beyond.  That is being in that moment, and NOT being in moments of chaos in the world around us…what bliss!

We are with all of you…all on this beautiful path to experiencing newly, and discovering newly.  Blessings to you all!