FLOW: Feeling Love Opening Within

The earth altar focuses on our connection to our outer environment as a container that holds us in connection with creativity and curiosity.  The water element altar is a container for imagination and creative impulse, an energy space where the soul embraces the body.  Water has no shape of its own, but follows the shape of the earth or earthen container (physical body).  The structure gives shape and the water fills the structure and allows it to flow and change.  Our bodies are at least 70% water, so flow is an immense aspect of our nature.   Are we connect to the flow within us?  

Consider the ocean.  The waves build, coming in and breaking on the sand, moving the sand, seaweed and shells around.  Then the water flows back to its center (the ocean), blending together.  The ocean is being its nature.   We feel emotions rising or even building up inside us, and if we move with them, emotions are expressed through movement, artistic expressions or resonant language.  Allowing ourselves to be present and follow the flow of our emotions is like the wave of the ocean naturally moving with the flow of the tides, in and out, expressing itself in moving the sand, seaweed and shells.  As we develop the connection to emotion (‘e’ meaning out and ‘movere’ meaning to move) then, we too, are the wave in the ocean being its nature as an emotional being.  

Emotionally we feel the pull of desire (craving), a craving to experience something different.  Or it is the craving to move ourselves to another state of consciousness….’meta-ing’.  The change can signify choosing access into being!  As we are exploring the sixth consciousness template during this water element month, it is synchronous to be inviting this deeper access into FLOW:  Feeling Love Opening Within!  Let this month support you as you create an altar to the being of YOU as water!

FYI:  Look soon for two (2) separate recordings of breathing practices that will be added to the LOC-Institute shop to support your registers:  Emotional Flow Breathing practice and Template 6 Breathing practice.

Your physical altar for the water element opens up into the colors of blues like the ocean and oranges that connect your to the second chakra energy, the  sacral chakra (womb of creativity).  Consider placing a water fountain on your altar space or a bowl of water with fresh flower blossoms.  If you live near or have visited the beach and collected shells, like me, arrange some of your favorite ones and check out it they still smell like the ocean.  Add a special cup or goblet to reminder you of all the potential cravings you have.  You can write phrases of cravings you wish to complete as a reminder to be in the flow of writing your daily template practice.  

I kept a my flute from the earth element on the water element altar, as Pan is associated with the flute and the water element.   You might wish to have a representation of the Goddess of the water, Yemaya, Mari or Aphrodite.  Beth Nielsen Chapman has a beautiful song dedicated to Yemaya that you can play while you write consciousness exercises.  See what calls the ocean in you.  

I also kept my wood carving from the Solomon Islands to remind me of the ocean as it has coral beads strung through holes in the wood.  I reflect on how these items carry memories of my auntie Carol, who inspired and supported my creative and spiritual explorations.  This reflection gives me much pleasure and feelings of joy!  A few other possibilities might be a representation or photo of the moon, some carnelian stones, a representation of fish, alligators, dolphins or whales.

Have fun, get creative and play with what inspires your FLOW (Feeling Love Opening Within) as you create your access to the water aspect!