Magical Doodles … An Opening By Beryl McCandless

          As I have moved into the month of October and felt our personal work deepening, larger and larger gaps in my language and languaging are apparent. The body is experiencing tension, exhaustion, irregular breathing, fuzzy and momentary lapses of processing connectivity in the brain. Fugue state it is. 
          While pressure is within and without, we are being ‘challenged’ to write the templates. I can now only observe what is rising, what seems to be contracting and what is screaming to be heard, acknowledged and integrated with loving compassion and joy. 
        Tantra has suggested writing nonsense when the wobble is especially unstable. Perfect! No-sense writing makes perfect sense. Well, what if  even that is a Herculean challenge? 
         Crazy as it may sound be Curious. Be fascinated by the brilliance of being out of your depth, out of your mind, out of your league .  Try something new to continue to feel and experience the flow of what is rising on your behalf, what has your back, what loves you. 
          This past week especially, the thought burst though, “But HOW?” No words? No problem. What came through was a doodle. That was how I opened up into. There was movement, there was a ‘happy’ that eased my body, my breath, my wobble. Lines, circles, colors. 
It doesn’t always show itself in this way. Sometimes there’s sound, a hum, music. Sometimes there’s rolling and stretching, and walking and soaking in a tub of Epsom salts and essential oil. 
          Each act of self care, self expression and Self Love is deepening our intimacy with Creation. The more we embrace what is pressing in we discover we are embracing what Loves and adores us. That is what has us moving forward.
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