Our Survival as Expressive Beings by Elektra Porzel

Let’s talk about our ability to survive as expressive human beings of Creation.  This ability to create is missing in humanity right now.  We are at a critical time in the US and in the world.  We are in an evolution. We are also in chaos, and it is pitching destruction against creation.  This is coming from matrixes of what people hold real.  Unfortunately, what we think is real is just what our cultures have told us is real.  We see only what the reality of separation has told us is real, not what we deeply want in the world.  We can design a new reality where life works like we believe it should.  I call that the reality of unity.  What would it be like for you to live in a reality of Unity?  Now is the time to Crave for yourself, for the life that you want for your children and the world.  To create the larger fields of craving, so that humanity can regain their expressive capacity to create with Creation.

Tantra Maat is asking that we all join in a 90-day practice during which we write a creation exercise daily.  It can be either a Craving or an Observing.  Crave what you crave in your gut.  Crave what you are passionate about.  Craving peace; craving being whole; craving being healthy; craving a safe secure home for your family; craving what you want to see in the world for you, your families and for humanity.  There is no limit to what you crave and it must be life-enhancing or life-generating.

As you know, language generates reality.  We need to bring ourselves back to the daily life-enhancing language of the Craving exercise.  We start by craving ‘what matters to us’.  When we crave ‘what matters to us’, we are creating fields where ‘what matters to us’ can come into reality.  This has to be sustained and maintained if it is to manifest in our world and when that is accomplished ‘what matters to us’ will be embodied.  The daily craving exercise creates a stronger field in which your cravings can manifest.

Imagine that each of your Cravings establishes a field that is informing Creation.  Imagine if thousands of people did this every day for 90 days.  Imagine what Creation might say looking at all those bright rich fields of Cravings.  What joy would abound!  Creation hears us and rejoices!  It’s like all our craving are together in one field, which is so ripe with promise, like fields of fresh plowed deep brown earth that  is ready to grow new crops in the spring.  This rich field holds all of our cravings and helps them grow from seed to full grown manifestation.

As we write our creation exercises regularly, we begin to notice the use of a wider range of vocabulary, of more sentient language, of being in the sentient awareness as we write.  To me that is the core creative capability of a human being.  Our ability to survive as expressive human beings of Creation will start to grow for all of humanity as we spend time in our sentient intelligence and in our life-enhancing, life-generating language.  Imagine if we restored craving to humanity, don’t you think that humanity could accomplish something extraordinary?   I am reminded of a scene from the movie, Lucy, when she sees all the phone transmissions as vertical links up to a satellite.   Couldn’t we create just that kind of messaging to Creation if we do this as a group?  A rich transmission of cravings directly to Creation and its response back to us in support, guidance and manifestation!

This 90 Day commitment is free money-wise and is the best use of our time over the coming months.  Writing the Creation Exercises helps us connect to each other, to our Spirit and to Creation.  Join the 90 Days Creation Project Spring 2018 at http://iuwcinstitute.com/events-5/