Covenant with Myself, by Liz Geyer

Creating…reflecting…reclaiming…we have been using these bits of language to spark our motivation to live differently in these times. Using the amazing consciousness exercises is a way of flowing into and craving what is ours to do, be, and have through the water element. Sitting in this amazing flow we have created now, how do we spark our motivation into new ways of being?  Those of us who have been writing the Creation Exercises for a while continually ask ourselves this question.  We continue to crave writing the exercises daily as a practice. Yet, what about integrating the use of creativity to gain new registers for carrying us into the new year and the realities that are rising?  

Recently, I read an article titled, “Staying Human” where Christian Kromme talked about the importance of the use of ‘soft skills’ …skills such as creativity and empathy.  Kromme states, “People who are aware of what drives them will be able to navigate in tomorrow’s world with the most ease.  Discovering what makes life meaningful and doing something about it is a final skill on our list. We crave a certain vulnerability and authenticity.  People want to contribute something.  That is the spirit of the times. ‘Meaning’ is perhaps the most important factor.”  There seems to be a parallel link with the Field of Tantra Maat and Kromme’s language.  

Pondering the fire element, I see the fire within as the motivation to move with what I envision. Acting upon the creative images I see, whether they be ways to fill a page with words, images with color, or sparking of new ways of being, is a pathway to birth creations into a new reality. 

Looking back to 2012, when I first began writing templates one and two, I sat at my desk each morning for two years, writing one exercise each day.  In awe, I realize that I was able to have the fire in the belly to accomplish daily writing.  I remember the deep alignment I began to feel as I sat and wrote each day.  Sitting there, looking out my bedroom window, I had a view of the backyard with its beautiful hillside of Rhododendron plants, ferns, and ivy.  I always felt peace observing these plants, and somehow, being with them helped light the pilot light in the solar plexus to start the day.  I also began to have the register of feeling centered when I began to write.  It wasn’t so much that I needed evidence at the time.  It was the deep satisfaction of knowing I had the motivation to keep to the time I had agreed upon in a covenant with myself.  It was also the passion to see the language begin to flow on the page that also kept me in the practice.  

I also began to engage in a creative practice along with the writing.  I always used colored pens to write.  This sparked something in me and gave me such pleasure when I looked at what I had written.  I also decorated the front cover of each composition book I used.  I have about ten books now…all differently covered based upon my mood at the time I created them.  There was also something aligning about the size of the notebook.  I tried regular sized notebooks, but for me, the composition book was just the right size.  I was also compelled to write on the back and not waste a single page! And…there was the music!  I had to write while listening to music.  Certain pieces sparked deeper delving into what I craved, and I was amazed to see what ended up on a page.  All of these different aspects of the practice kept the spark of creativity, thought, and motivation alive… keeping that fire in my solar plexus stoked.

I observed that everything in my life began to change.  Abundance and magic began to enter my life where sadness had been.  I began to notice people around me changing their ways of being.  Positive opportunities began to come my way, and I began to follow a path that nourished and fed my cravings.  I began to work with events in my life differently as the fire began to burn more brightly inside.  I was present to small gifts coming my way…from the way someone smiled at me to something happening to assist me that hadn’t been possible before. As more possibilities and synchronicities occurred, I realized that my cravings and observings were supporting me to shift my consciousness and vibrational levels.  

During this two year period of time, though there were sad events that occurred that would change my life forever, the way that I could sit with those situations had shifted also.  I could be with loss, having built strength, stamina and capacity to celebrate life and all of its blessings.  As you have been writing the templates, have you been experiencing a rise of memories, where there is magic and/or profound messages that shift your own way of experiencing yourself?

Now, years later, I know without a doubt that a daily writing practice can move mountains! I am seeing evidence that an access point is considering when to set the time with Creation.  I tried to set the time today, after I walked, yet it did not happen.  As I observed the timing, I felt a rising of the memory that I always loved pulling a blanket over me at my desk, looking out at a dark sky just beginning to lighten.  With my cup of coffee and music playing, that time of day felt peaceful and right. 

My being loved that quiet time before most of the family was up, just having that space to myself. Tomorrow, I will begin my practice early in the morning, because that is the time and environment my systems resonate with the most.  Even as I state this, I am aware the  solar plexus is clenching , because I am afraid I won’t honor my covenant.  In this awareness, I know I am supporting myself to include the fear, then work with it to transmute and light the pilot light of commitment.  Honoring the fear, giving it a place, I light a new fire within.  I want to continue growing that fire into the new year.  Really pondering the new registers that are rising within the fire element practice excites me!  

As we move into the season where we light fires for many reasons, this self study is exciting.  Like the ways that fires have of rising as they are fed, so shall I, let new registers and ways of being rise, as the passion for a daily writing ritual takes its form. What environments are unique to you, that motivate your passion for writing, creativity and self study?  What time of the day works best for your body, mind, spirit?  This is a great question, to gain registers for these beautiful soft skills coming online in our systems. Having these new registers for being with ourselves will nourish us in the months to come.  How exciting it is to feel the solar plexus coming online again, and to anticipate tomorrow morning!  I am going to set my alarm, and to find my blanket…right now!