Emergence, Communion, Invocation by Liz Geyer

Do you often wonder about the clarity with which events occur in our lives?  I used to ‘wonder’ about synchronistic events occurring.  Now I am in the ‘wonder’ and awe of how life’s events simply lay themselves out before me.  The Creation Exercises have opened me up into the wonder of being with Creation, in this new, lovely partnership of existence that has been occurring.

As I was waiting for my computer to awaken this morning, I pulled cards from my Earth Magic card deck.  I love the images and messages from this deck, as they suit my earth/spirit suit so beautifully.  I asked the question, “What do you want me to see now?”  I received the words, Emergence, Communion, Invocation.  The three fit together like hand and glove, and I am always in a state of wonder about this.

As I pondered Emergence, I loved the beautiful image of the dragonfly, and learned that it can take up to four years for a dragonfly egg to become a nymph.  This led me down the path of remembrance to when I first began the process of emerging into a partnership with my ‘selves’.  I know I was much like the dragonfly egg, sitting in the Language of Creation courses, deeply immersed in shifting my being, and struggling to be present to this strange new language and way of being.  I feel many of us in this stage now, yet I also feel such a deep wisdom in our community that was not there when I first began.  We are each emerging to our own beauty and ‘greatnesses’ in our own time…just as the dragonfly.  I used to want to be like those in our community that seemed to “be There”.  And now, looking back, I wouldn’t trade my own emergence into this new reality for anything! Each of our beautiful opening up into the fullness of who we are is such a wonder to behold!  The old paradigm way of wishing we were someone else has truly fallen away for this being, and now, I have the honor of observing as others follow their own path.  What a gift it is!

The second card I pulled was Eagle, and the card shows the communion between man and an eagle.  This card speaks to the relationship emerging between our ‘selves’ coming on line with each other and nature to develop a communion of spirit and flesh.  As has been stated with such clarity at this time, communing…truly ‘melding’ with nature is essential and crucial at this time.  In our observing of what we are present to, has the need to be in nature come up for you?  This is Creation’s message to us now, as we continue to grow in our ability to be in unity with this beautiful planet.  The card also speaks of melding, and hearing messages while becoming one with whatever in nature we are being with.  I am hearing us practice this ability, and it is different for each of us.  The difference is the tricky part.  There is not one of us that works with Creation the same way, and we can celebrate this with glee, rather than thinking in the “old” ways.  How cool is it that each of us has one little or many little twists of differences in the way that magic comes to us?  This is monumental as a new lens I have been observing from, and from which I can now see, sense, and hear in each of us.

Wrapping up the gift I received this morning in pulling cards was ‘Ceremony’, or ‘Invocation’.  It is in sacred ceremony where we commune with whatever we each connect into and emerge into our next greater whole with new messages, directions, pathways, ways of being.  As we crave, then observe, these new pathways we forge or follow…or both, open us up into the wonders of what will be.  Tapping in with Creation through ceremony assists us in being in unity with our own Mind and Soul of Creation.  Here, in the quiet…or not…it depends upon how each of us conducts a sacred ceremony, we once again honor ourselves, nature, and Creation, bringing all that we are and surrendering into what is and will be.

What seems to be so present in this moment is how crucial it is that we each open up into the fact that our own ways of being who we came here to be are honored…by our “Selves”.  We are each such amazing beings.  I honor each of us in our emergence, in our communion with what is ours to do, and in the sacred acts we have each committed our beings to.  I want to shout it out loud to all of you how special you each are, and how dear to Creation you each are!    This is what Creation asked me to speak of today.  The preciousness of each of us is seen and appreciated.  And so it is!