What’s up with Embodiment? by Elektra Porzel

“Awakening is a cellular event.” Tantra Maat

Is embodiment an awakening?  If so, awakening to what?  To our ancient original design?  To the nature of our Higher Being?  If yes, then what does our cells, our body have to do with it?  A better question might be – why wouldn’t it be a cellular event?  We are both Spirit and Flesh.  Anyone who has sat with a loved one as they died can attest that after they die, it is so obvious that their body was really just a shell. What animated our loved one’s body is gone. Their Spirit left their body.

Let’s agree that our Spirit enlivens our flesh, in other words, our Spirit makes our bodies animate.  Yet, then this question arises, if my body is already animate, then wouldn’t that mean that my Spirit is already in my body?  Yes, it is or your body wouldn’t be alive.  So, is there a natural limit of how much Spirit that a cell or a human body can hold?  We don’t know what that limit might be, and we know that the health of the body impacts how much we can sustain and maintain a higher dimensional energy in our systems. We hear of people having kundalini experiences, but we don’t hear about those experiences being maintained over time.  Many spiritual seekers are hoping that their bodies can hold more of their Spirit, of the nature of their Higher Being.  Yet if all that they do is meditate, they may never get to that desired shift in capacity to embody that they have been seeking.

There is an innate capacity in human beings to embody our Spirit, our higher nature of Being.  It seems that the state of our cellular health impacts the capability of the body to sustain the presence of our nature of Being over time. Some of the health of our bodies is within our control.  Some is not. We live in environments when the air isn’t healthy, or the water is full of chemicals or just plain not good for us.  Our food supply is seriously deficient.  Our grandparents ate straight from the farm.  We eat processed food.  The consequences are that our cells are full of toxins.  We need to find some way to help them clean out the toxins and be as lively as they were designed to be.  I recently learned that I have a gene mutation that keeps my cells from being able to clean out the toxins.  So, no matter the spiritual discipline that I carry, my cells cannot hold the light when they are filled with toxins.  Yet I have now learned that a certain combination of vitamins will support the cleaning of the cells.  I can also eat differently so that fewer toxins are ingested and caught in my cellular structure.   With this knowledge, I now have started a supplement routine as I continue my spiritual routine.  I am looking forward to experiencing the shifts in my energy and overall health, and even more excited to see how my experience of the embodiment of my Higher Being shifts.

There are humans who don’t care about this capacity to embody the nature of their Higher Being, so for them their only desire to shift the health of their body is to feel better or perform better.  For those humans who desire the experience of humanity’s original design and/or to embody the nature of their Higher Being, then they should pay attention to identifying diverse ways that they care for their body.  Spiritual seekers can no longer pretend that they can meditate in the ethers and thus gain access.   All of us have to strengthen the capacity of our bodies, of our cells, to perform as they were their originally designed.  All of us need the stamina to continue new practices beyond a few weeks, maybe months, maybe for the rest of our lives. We are integral begins, both Spirit and Flesh, Energy and Matter, Alchemical and Biochemical.  We must attend to all parts of ourselves. We cannot embody without our bodies.  The extent to which we embody the nature of our Higher Being is based on the health of our cells. I used a medical intuitive to help me.  Some seek ancient traditions like Ayurvedic work, others work with herbs or homeopathy.  Continue your search until you find some ways to strengthen the health of your cells that work for your body. Remember, you cannot expand the capability of your body to hold the nature of Higher Being to the extent that you desire without your cells being healthy.

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