by Liz Geyer

There has been so much activity lately, in every area of life, hasn’t there?  Thoughts, visual streams coming from the media being thrown our way, information coming at us faster than we can take it all in.  How ARE you all?  As I scanned the Creation Exercises today, I picked up on words such as ‘anxiety’, ‘stress’, ‘frustration’, live as best we can’, and it struck me…it struck me that we are so very brave!  We are brave because we know that when we get up in the morning to face another day, we will put our brave faces on to try life again.  We are brave because we trust more in ourselves now that we might just change some small thing in the world today.  Maybe we will today, or tomorrow, or the next day, but we still keep trying.  Why?

The practice of writing the Creation Exercises is like putting on Superman’s Cape, Wonder woman’s Cape, a suit of armor.  Using these tools, we are unpacking our knights and warrior’s tools, day in and day out, writing the exercises.  And each day, we get the tool sharpened just a little bit more, so that as time goes by, our spear might just hit the bullseye more and more. 

I have been so struck by the bravery of all who have chosen to write these exercises.  Even once or twice a week, writing the exercises, I can see the tools being honed…your eyes becoming sharper as the observer in you trains itself, the warrior in you taking their exercise each day to strengthen the muscles necessary to change their stance in life.

Do you all realize just how brave you are?  I imagine not.  As I write this, I am realizing how brave I have been…albeit very slowly.  How brave is it that you risk seeing such intimate aspects of yourself showing up out of nowhere?  That is so very brave!  And then, you turn around and write another exercise, even though it is scary to read about yourself on the page.  How brave it is to forge ahead when you are in the middle of feeling so very anxious about everything in life, to sit and sharpen that spear again, hone that tool even just a bit more so the trajectory of where you land after the next exercise is that much clearer to your being than the last messages embedded within the writing. What warriors we have become in this practice!

Just when you think you want to give up because you can’t think of what to crave, or it is so foggy in life that you can’t seem to observe anything, remember please, just how brave you truly are.  I highly admire and applaud you all on this journey called life.  The Creation Exercises ARE a life raft comrades.  They truly are.  There is enough space on the raft for us all.  Keep writing them.  You think your exercise doesn’t matter?  Think again.  It matters deeply…to US ALL.  When you write, you pump up that raft with just a bit more air so that there is room for us all!

Blessings to you all, and thank you for continuing this journey to finding the depth of who you are, and just how very precious you are to the collective of humanity, to those close to you, and to each other in this community.