A New Way of Communicating with Creation by Sahere Hum

Language of Creation is just that….  We are learning a new way of communicating with Creation.  It is a language that we are not familiar with, and yet it is a part of our original design.  It is a way of communicating that we once knew and the indigenous people of the land still know.  Our cells still remember, we just have to reawaken that memory.

It’s like the story you may have heard of before about the religious man who knew during a flood that God would save him.  As the water began to rise a friend came by in a truck and said, ‘quick get in my truck.’  He refused saying God would save him.   The water continued to rise so he climbed to the roof of his house.  A boat came by collecting people.  He waved them by, refusing to get in knowing that God would save him.  As the water rose so only the very top of the roof was exposed, a helicopter dropped its ladder telling him to climb up.  Again he told them no, God was going to save him.

After he took his last breath, he wanted to speak to God.  “I prayed to you to save me.  I believed in you and you didn’t save me.”  God answered saying, “I sent a truck, a boat and a helicopter.  Why did you not get in one of them?”

The man had not known or understand how God was talking to him, so he ignored the language.  If he had known the language of God, he could have lived.  So too, we are learning the language of God, or for me it is the Language of Creation.

You may personally hear Creation talking to with words sometimes, yet Creation often speaks to us through thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations or by noticing what has gotten our attention outside of our mental mind.

Template 1, Craving and Template 2, Craving Being along with Observing and Observing Being are teaching you this new language.  It’s teaching you a different way of thinking and being.

For most of us, the only way we may have known how to talk to God is through prayer.  We call out our requests and the only way we know if we are answered is that we got what we asked for or we didn’t get it.  We are not really sure that God heard us so we pray the same prayer over and over again hoping God will hear us and give us what we are asking for.  Maybe we just don’t know the language and God has been talking to us all along and we never knew it.

With time as you do the Creation Exercise, you learn that you really do get answers, you get a response from Creation.  When you get a response, it may not be in the form that you are used to.  Yet we know from Template 1 & 2 Craving – what we truly want may not show up exactly as what we originally craved for and yet we are satisfied and feel fulfilled.  From the observings we start to step outside of the mental mind and its thoughts, and we become aware of what is happening around us, outside of the mind.  We start to step into the language of Creation and how Creation speaks to us.

Writing Template 1 & 2 and then writing the correlate observing, we start to restore our minds back into what they were originally designed to be, we start to restore our connections with our physical bodies, and we are also starting to restore our direct relationship to that which created us.  This is the language we are learning.

As you continue to do the Creation Exercises you are training yourself to listen to something other than the mind chatter saying the same thing over and over again, labeling, fixing, or trying to find a solution. – You’re training yourself to hear words that just pop into your head.  Learning to pause, and listen.  As you do that more and more you can find that you can hear the Mind of Creation.  You start listening from a different place and you start to interact from that place.  Also you start listening to your body as you become aware of resonant markers that let you know when you are in touch with something that is resonant to you.

Your body is becoming more sensitive and can receive how spirit talks to you through body sensations.  Your mind is becoming free and therefore more capable of being imaginative and you start thinking your own thoughts rather than the thoughts you were born into.  You find your connection back into your true essence and you start to realize you are not alone, that you have a relationship with the life force energy that created you, you have begun to restore your direct to that which created you.