Finding the Language for Non-Thought by Elektra Porzel

What is non-thought?  For me it is sensations, pressures, energies moving thru me that are different than I have experienced before.  It is a deeper sensing of engagement with larger forces and my Being.  I do not move to interpret these sensations etc. from past experiences as my sensing is that they are not of the past but of my future.  Many humans are experiencing this now.  It is a new beginning for humanity if we observe and pay attention instead of framing these new sensations, pressures etc. as a former experience.  We lose the vitality of the new if we box it into historic interpretations.

Humans have not been in these times before.  We mistake them for something previously experienced and in that we are indeed mistaken.  A new energy, a more powerful field of connection with each other and with the larger forces, these are coming into the earth dimension.  Don’t interpret with reasoning from the past, instead watch, listen, observer, open up to.  Then we will indeed be in and experience the kind of realities of unity that we have prayed for.

Our perceptive mind can now step forward and help us attempt to language the non-thought sensations that we are experiencing.  In the languaging  of our non-thought, our sensitivity and imagination deepen.  In this acquired deepening, our connections with our larger Beings and Creation are both known and engaged with.

Humanity has craved this for millennia. The time is now. The joy is ours.  Be with the experience.  Language it as much as you can in new phraseology that holds the resonance of your experience.  Our new language will hold the resonance of our experience and thus be more easily comprehended by the other.  We are at this new threshold of resonant communication and of engaging with new realities. Breathe. Take another breath. Observe.

Listen to your body, to your solar plexus, to your heart.  Be one with these energies as they create a new field of who you are.  My sense is I have opened up to my larger Being and in that I am being the commitments that she/me made for this lifetime.  I am listening and watching as this is unfolding for others.  We have worked for this for so long.  Be who you came here to be and you will be doing what you came here to do.  Language it and others can begin to comprehend what is possible for humanity.