Influenced by the Stars

by Victoria McMahon

What have you been paying attention to? Recently, I have been contemplating and writing creation exercises to consider what is the next greater whole of me, yoga and the language of Creation.

I have been exploring the yoga of me for over 20 years and have come to many realizations about what it is and isn’t for me. As my understanding and degrees of comprehension have evolved, I know I am just scratching the surface. That said, I am also beginning to recognize evidence for the longevity that the practice brings. It is interesting to note that I have worked in the fields of education, clinical therapy and retail and have not thought of yoga as work! It now appears possible to me that those fields of employment have been serving as ‘fodder for the mat’.

I connected to my yoga practice the other day when I heard Tantra talking about ‘paying attention to the how that occurs by doing what we do’. So, I have been asking my deeper nature to give me evidence into the how that is now occurring by my doing what I am called to do! I decided to make a request to see if this could guide me into the next greater whole of me.

The evidence revealed one piece of the puzzle so far. In the past, I would often diminish the light of my true nature as divine light flowing through me as if I were lit up in the moment by the stars so that greatness had a vehicle in which to inhabit momentarily. I see the evidence now for how my true nature cooperates with Creation to influence that which I am a part.

Participants from my classes and seminars have been coming forward to share how my presence has influenced their own knowing of themselves. Thus the historical personality of my diminished thought process is being edged out and my direct link to Creation is solidifying.

In deciding to share about this experience, I kept pondering the word ‘influence’ that I was not only using but also class participants were using. And I came across this definition that seems to be just the right fit for this story. Miriam-Webster dictionary gives one definition for influence as “an ethereal fluid held to flow from the stars and to affect the actions of humans”. Consider the possibility that just as the physical nature of our being is composed of the same elemental nature of Mother Earth, our etheric nature is composed of the stars. As we connect to the nature of our etheric being, living in our direct link with Creation, we are the flow of ethereal fluid from the stars through our physical nature in form.

And thus, being the flow of ethereal fluid in form appears in my language as inspiration! We take in or are influenced by our connection in the greater field. We take in prana as breath. We feel sensations and experience the sensitivity to life opening up in us. And our imagination is captured into murmurs of awakening! All these moments of inspiration are offered as ‘a divine influence or action on a person believed to qualify him or her to receive and communicate sacred revelation.’ (definition for inspiration from Miriam-Webster dictionary)

And as we source from the all of everything, are we not all inspired and inspiring each other….feeling the ripples as the ethereal fluid that we feel flowing through us? The next time you look up into the night sky, how will you be inspired to take action?