Stepping into the Unknown

by Elektra Porzel

As I head off to a month’s spiritual voyage to Ireland, Glastonbury and Damanhur, my feeling is that I am stepping into the unknown.  Yes, the itinerary is planned for all the areas, yet that is not the substance of our trip.  We go to be in our sovereign natures of being with the magic of Ireland, her ancient druids, her fairies and the deep love present in that land.  We go to Glastonbury to be our sovereign beings to connect our essence to that of the ancients of Glastonbury and to offer them the Damanhur Spiral as a tool for their use.  We go to Damanhur as our essential selves, our natures of Being, to work with Damanhur in weaving a new future for humanity.

It is an unknown because I have a sense of how I will be and I have no idea what beings and energies we will interact with.  It is an unknown because my historic personality is so much less of who I function as, that I am pretty sure that I will be different when I return.  How will all of this unfold?  It’s an unknown.  How will I be in a month?  Changed and the same.

Do you think of the 90 Day Creation Project as an unknown?  I do.  Yes, I know how to write the templates and I have disciplined myself to daily writing, yet I have no idea what I will write about.  If this 90 Day is anything like the Summer 90 Day, well, I better buckle up my seat belt!

There is power in community and that is certainly part of the power of the 90 Day Creation Project.  Over a hundred people have matrixed into this group lending the group the power and passion of their cravings and the reality check of their observings.  We are all stepping into our sovereign nature of being.  We are all experiencing less of our historic personality and more of our essence!  None of us have been here before.  No one knows what the experience will be like.  We are all stepping into the unknown with the commitment to discover our essence and live the life that we crave!

Weekly you will receive an email from the Institute that offers the perspective of one of our advocates.  Take the time to read it and to allow it to speak to your own process.  This is a precious 90 Days and huge transformations are occurring and will be occurring throughout this timeframe.  Stay connected on our Generating Realities Facebook page.  You will experience physical, emotional, mental and energetic shifts.  Do not judge them thru your historical lens.  Instead write an observing and post it on Generating Realities, or just go and read the GR Facebook page.   This group will support you as you walk this new and unknown path to being more of whom you came here to be.

I will be publishing a regular blog of our experiences on my website.  as well as periodically on the Institute blog –    Join me there!