Change is Coming!

by Elektra Porzel

Our Tools to Thrive theme this month is ‘Thriving not just Surviving’!  This theme has been a part of the Institute’s life for the past several months, as we started a visioning project to see how we could  create a different kind of Institute together in a field of unity.  We have looked at our regular programs, our leadership, our craved jobs and our necessary support jobs.  We have become a creative team looking at how we create new programs and products for our customers and clients.

First I would like to introduce our team:  Elektra Porzel, Liz Geyer, Deb Merchant, Sahere Humm, Beryl McCandless, Victoria McMahon, Maru Orozco.  We see each other as unique and essential partners co-creating new events and products as one with the others in a field of Unity.  It’s a work in progress as we figure out how to BE that with each other.  If you have skills in video creation or website updating, we could use your guidance.  If you other skills, resources that you would like to add to our team, please contact Elektra at or Liz Geyer at

90 Day Creation Project, Tools to Thrive, and Fireside Chat will remain as the mainstays of our monthly programs.  Look for new Youtube videos which will be in our library; new videos from the Language of Creation series; new resources in programs and products for the first-time learners of the creation exercises, and a new website look that will feature our Blogs, our coaching support, our products, and our events.

Changes to note:  Part of the Institute’s ‘thriving’ is to return to charging for Tools to Thrive.  Deb Merchant will lead exciting one-hour discussions for $21. It will continue to occur on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 5:30pmPT on Zoom.

The 90 Day Creation Project Winter 2019 remains free to join and a powerful way to commit to creating your own craved life.  The newsletters will be twice a month for the Winter 2019 project. 

Fireside Chat remains a free event on Zoom on the Saturday after our Tools to Thrive event! It continues to be a home for dialogue for everyone to open up to what they heard, comprehended and experienced in the past month.  Through dialogue, we integrate these new perspectives into our lives.

2019 will be a year of exciting change for the Institute and for those who are seeking to deepen their knowing and expand their awareness of whom they came here to be and what they came here to do.   We look forward to responding to your cravings and to those of the future calling!